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Brewing Guide

We recommend grinding coffee right before you brew, however if you need it ground before shipping, please see the guide below. 

Whole bean: Allows you to grind at home for your coffee brewing needs.
Espresso/Fine: Espresso Machine, Moka-Pot, Stove Top
Drip/Medium: Hario V60, Chemex, Kalita Wave, Home coffee machine
French Press/Course: French Press, Cold Brew. 

To get the ideal cup of coffee, we recommend using a brew ratio of 1:16.

For example, if your cup holds 12 oz (340ml) we’d use 21g of coffee to brew the perfect cup. 

For espresso, we use a ratio of 1:2, in our store,  we pull a 36g shot using 18g of coffee, with a 26-30sec shot time.

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