Born In The Mountains

Our journey started in the mountains.

Welcome to Forecast Coffee; a destination where the love for the outdoors and the adventurous spirits that reside in Vancouver and Whistler come together. Our journey began with the vision of creating authentic cafes that would serve as gathering places, uniting people through our shared passion for the mountains, the sea, and our vibrant community.

1% For The Planet

As inhabitants of the Pacific North West in beautiful British Columbia, we understand the importance of protecting our natural environment. That's why we've launched the Forecast Impact Initiative and made a pledge to contribute 1% of our annual sales to social, community, and environmental initiatives in our region. We believe in creating opportunities for our community to learn, engage, and make a positive impact.

Our Coffee

Driven by an unwavering passion and years of expertise in the coffee industry, we have expanded our offerings to include a remarkable line of roasted beans, each crafted with meticulous care and attention. Our collection features unique seasonal flavors that captivate the senses, sourced from diverse corners of the world. We take pride in using only the finest organic green coffee - ensuring that every sip of Forecast Coffee is a testament to our commitment to quality.


At Forecast Coffee, our dedication to sustainability is paramount. We recognize the significance of farm-level relationships and the impact they have on the coffee industry. By establishing close ties with our suppliers, we can guarantee ethically sourced beans that contribute to the livelihoods of farmers around the globe. Through this commitment, we celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and flavours that make Forecast Coffee truly exceptional.

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